Using Cloth Diapers - DyDeeBaby Videos  

1. Cloth Diapering Basics - Cloth diapering can be easier than you think!

2. Diapering your Newborn Baby - Shows how proper diapering 
    can help keep the umbilical cord clean and dry.

3. Nighttime Diapering - also called Double Diapering
    (helps keep your baby soothed during the night)
How to Change A Diaper  
These videos were recorded by our staff to assist you!  

Printable Cloth Diaper Folding Guides are also available.
Using Cloth Diapers - Diaper Folding Guides (printable)
     A) Basic Angel Fold

     B) Double Diaper Fold

     C) Gusset Explanation
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"My husband didn't think he could change a cloth diaper.  I got him to watch your video on how to do it.  No More problems!"
Fran Schwab
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Cloth Diaper Covers we can recommend   
​Bummis diaper covers  
Flip adjustable diaper covers
Prorap  (the same ones we use on our rental/exchange program)
Sweet Pea two sizes adjustable Diaper Covers 
Thirsties diaper covers  
Dappi (the most economical cover is a pull-on cover).